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Klaus J. Dimmler

Klaus is COO and co-founder of Pax8, a leader in cloud distribution. Pax8 empowers businesses to capitalize on opportunities in the cloud market through innovations in billing, automation, provisioning and integration.

Prior to Pax8, Klaus was founder, CEO & President of OrganicID, a company that developed a solution-based semiconductor fabrication technology to “print” low-cost Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags. OrganicID was acquired by Weyerhaeuser to form the basis of a new “Intelligent Paper” division. The technology was married with a 4-color print process, to produce primary packaging with “built-in” RFID capability, that one day could replace bar codes.

In addition to Pax8 and OrganicID, Klaus has founded five other companies for which he served as CEO. FabLink was an Internet e-commerce company that specialized in connecting semiconductor companies with suppliers that did not support EDI for automated procurement. DMCare was an Internet medical company that offered prescription-based services for managing diabetes. Sensorbit developed a programmable solid-state sensor technology that could digitize scents and store the resulting signatures for the purpose of detecting that scent later. One of Klaus’s earliest companies Internet Express was the first commercial Internet provider in Colorado (later became USA.NET, an early web-based email provider).

While his last 20 years can be summarized as “serial entrepreneurship”, Klaus began his career at well-established companies. After graduating Cornell with an MSEE in 1980, Klaus was a circuit designer at AT&T Bell Laboratories. A few years after the divestiture of AT&T, Klaus worked in design management positions at Cypress Semiconductor as well as semiconductor start-ups Lattice Semiconductor, Inmos, Ramtron, and Simtek. Klaus holds about 30 patents in the fields of semiconductor devices and circuits, Internet, and cloud computing.

Klaus met his wife Jeanne at Simtek. Today, Jeanne works at Oracle. Their daughter Jana is a sophomore at Colorado State where she studies biology. Klaus’s hobbies include flying drones, skiing, 3D printing, and automating his house with countless Internet of Things (IoT) devices.