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Robert C. Strandberg

Rob has spent most of his career founding and growing various technology companies. He is currently President and CEO of the Enterprise Development Corporation (“EDC”), a nonprofit organization providing support to entrepreneurs throughout South Florida, focusing primarily on early stage science and tech startups.

Prior to joining EDC, Rob was the CEO of Xytrans Inc. where he led a spinout from Lockheed Martin that developed and commercialized high frequency wireless, VSAT and concealed weapons detection systems. Prior to Xytrans, he led PSC, Inc., a leading global, public retail technology company as its CEO.

Rob’s early career kicked-off when he led a management buyout of the Datamax Corporation, a startup that ultimately emerged as a global leader in specialized high performance printing systems.

In addition to leading tech companies, Rob has been a director of such public companies as Sawtek, Merix and Quipp.

After receiving his BS in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from Cornell in 1979, Rob worked for a short period in the management consulting field, before attending Harvard University where he received an MBA in 1984.

Rob currently resides in Orlando, FL and is married to Susan, and has two daughters and a son; Caitlin, 25 and Kelly, 23 and Rob, 27 and remains a passionate (and often frustrated) golfer and a wandering traveler.