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Lawrence D. Stern  

Larry is currently Chairman and CEO of Talecris Biotherapeutics, a leading global biotech producing plasma derived protein therapeutics for patients with chronic and acute disease states such as primary immune deficiency, hemophilia and genetic emphysema. Larry worked with two private equity groups in connection with the acquisition that formed Talecris Biotherapeutics in 2005. In 2008, global revenues exceeded $1.3 billion. Larry also serves on the board of Centric Health Resources, an entity focused on improving health outcomes by coupling disease state management with therapeutic treatments.

Under his leadership, Talecris has grown from approximately 1600 to 4700 employees in just four years. Larry is particularly enthusiastic regarding new plasma-derived and recombinant proteins in the R&D pipeline.

After receiving his BS in Chemical Engineering from Cornell in ’79 and his MS from MIT in ’81, Larry started his career in process research for ARCO Chemical. He spent 15 years in research, development and manufacturing before moving on to business management. He now advocates to all new grads to take their time building the foundation for their career before hopping to the next opportunity.

Larry formerly served on the board of Life’s Work, a non-profit organization focused on helping people with physical and mental disabilities. He is now an active supporter of patient organizations focused on rare chronic diseases including the Immune Deficiency Foundation, the Jeffrey Modell Foundation and the Alpha-1 Foundation.

Larry’s wife Becky serves on both the Community and School Board for Upper St Clair (Pittsburgh). His son Jason graduated Summa Cum Laude in Government from Cornell in 2008 and has spent the last several months in Egypt. His daughter Danielle is living in Boston, focused in dance and the arts. The entire family has enjoyed taking summer classes at Cornell, ranging from wine tasting to comparative religion.